Drag your fonts here

  • VomZom 15kb

Quickly test those new fonts

Drag and drop your truetype (ttf), opentype (otf), scalable vector graphics (svg) or Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts in the left hand side module and it will be added to the list. The last font dropped will change the font-family of this text and the above title.

At the moment this functionality of dragging and dropping files from the desktop to the browser is only available in Firefox 3.6. You can expect to see this added to other browsers in the near future.

The example font in the left hand column is called VomZom, it was obtained from http://defaulterror.za.net/typo.htm

This is an experimental web app and therefore will only work in HTML5 & CSS3 capable browsers.

The following technologies are used in this web app:

  • HTML5
    • Offline access applicationCache
    • Drag and drop API
    • File API
    • contenteditable attribute set to true so the text can be edited.
  • CSS3
    • Custom fonts with @font-face
    • Gradients
    • Rounded corners using border-radius
    • Drop shadows with text-shadow & box-shadow
    • Attribute and pseudo selectors
    • Multiple border colours
    • Box model adjust using box-sizing