Debugging secrets
of a lazy developer

Ryan Seddon

I hack on Modernizr

We have a giant testsuite

Client-side units tests are hard


Runs test suite on commit to repo


Spins up static node server and runs testsuite

Headless, WebKit

Not a real browser but good for general use

...but you should always test in real browsers.

So how did I solve this the lazy way?

Why automation of course!

Built a tool to run client side unit tests through the cli

In real browsers

Including mobile browsers!

I used some awesome tools and libs.


Amazing Yahoo tool

Yeti requires YUI Test Runner. :(

Not any more!
I Wrote QUnit and jasmine adaptors!

Did you load that URL?

This was only for the live talk, so no URL for you!

If that demo worked, yay!


  • Not released yet, soon!
    It's live check it out!

  • Browser slaves not required

  • Selenium, testling, testswarm
    all had restrictions